(Português) Reciclagem e Comercialização de Plásticos, Gestão de Resíduos, Transporte de Mercadorias

We are a company established in 1998 in Carregosa – Aveiro and we started our activity as a company that process, recicle and comercialize plastic.

Nowadays our activity extends to the Waste Management and the provision of Service Delivery/Support of the plastics industry.

The experience and knowledge acquired over more than 10 years of activity, along with a constantly updated and technological innovation, endowed Portugal Reciclagem of differentiating competencies.

A full customer satisfaction imposes itself as the main goal of the activity undertaken by the company, which is crucial to bet on two values: quality of service and product quality.

To ensure an excellent product we have at our disposal a fleet of modern and flexible machines, as well as a rigorous system of quality control.